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How To Reuse:

1. Boil water in a pot.

2. Place the pad on a cloth inside the pot, and continue to boil water until the pad returns fully liquid.

3. Carefully take the pad out and make sure all crystals where dissolved. If not, continue to boil.

4. Place it on a cloth to cool down.

5. When the pad cools down, it is ready to be used again.

6. If crystals start forming while the pad is cooling, repeat steps 1, 2, 3




TIPS on how to reset the product!!! (Recommended by Heat In A Click customers)

Hi Heat in a Click, i tried it in the Dishwasher at 85 degrees and it did the job! it melted all the crystals.
By Kristeena Krpan......

Mine works on a central heating radiator, i left my hand warmers on them for few hours and when i went to grab them they were back in its liquide form. 
By Dani........

The Best was the steamer! I put them in a rice steamer for few minutes and PRESTO!! all crystals gone. I felt it was safer and easier /faster. 
By Sara w.......


Can I use a microwave?

The short answer is NO as it generally blows up like a balloon and we don't want that do we... So the best thing to do is follow the instructions. If you decide to be a rebel and attempt it, ensure the pad is fully submerged in bowl of water and monitor it frequently.

I used it and it went hard?

Yes that's correct, the chemical process releases heat as it turns from liquid to a solid (you may have made volcano's at school? Same thing!!).

How long do they last?

It comes down to size, the larger the pad is the longer the warmth lasts. There are two factors to consider: The environmental conditions i.e. it won't last as long if you are rolling around in snow!!!
But if you keep it in your pockets or under the jacket, it will stay hot for much longer.

My pot is not big enough?

This is quite common. The one thing with these even if they are solid they can fold over on themselves, so you don't need a massive pot to re- set them.

It's leaking?
The pad Contain Sodium Acetate and Water. (information about Sodium Acetate can be found HERE) If leaks on skin than wash the area with plenty of water. Any other surface can be cleaned with water.

If swallowed or get into eyes, rinse thoroughly in cold water and seek medical advise. The liquid is non- toxic but better to be on the safe side.