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Here's what our customers are saying...

""I was pleased to receive the comfort heat pad as my shoulders have been hurting due to carrying Bella around all the time. 


I read the package as it explained about heat therapy. It said heat can provide relief to pain in the muscles. I tried it a few times over various evenings and I was surprised at how quickly the pad warmed up and stayed warm for. The pad was nice to hold on my shoulders after a long day and I felt a small difference in the aches I had. One thing I would change to the pad is to provide a strap so it can be strapped onto areas (eg round the leg). This would provide a better level of compression to the joint – and great for people who like to multitask!"" 

I would give this item 3* 

""I was interested to see how the bottle warmer would work on my bottles as the bottles I use (MAM) are quite thick. The bottle warmer comes with a reusable heat pad and also a pouch to put it in. My bottle fitted nicely into the wrap around heat pad – there are 2 poppers so larger bottles would also fit too. The Baby Bottle heat pad is designed to make feeding more convenient when out and about and whilst this is good I tend to use 2 bottles when out for a day and this had a one use purpose for a day out. 


The bottle warmer is a good size and fitted nicely into my changing bag. Unfortunately it took ages to heat my bottles at first so I would wrap the warmer around the bottle and heat it whilst in the car – this worked much better. The warmer can also be used to heat baby food. I would give this item 3* - although the item is reusable it isn’t so good if you are out of the house for a long time and need to reheat more than one bottle/food.""

Tanya xx

""I found heat in a click breast pads an absolute god send. There helped no end when I got mastitis and are surprisingly comfy to wear with the cotton covers supplied. 

This unique product can be used cold to relieve sore nipples or hot for a gentle stimulation of the milk glands. (Most recommended up to 20 minutes prior feeding). It's great for relieving engorgement early on and for soothing nipples when babies are teething. A must for all breastfeeding mothers!""

 5* stars!

Rowan xx

I was on the hunt for – and found – some wonderful re-useable heat packs manufactured by Heat in a Click . You click the tab within the shaped packet (generic shapes as well as ‘drape over your shoulder or back’ shapes) and it warms up.  They get hot but not overly so, and the temperature feels ‘safe’.  You re-set the pack by popping it on the radiator, into the dishwasher, or in hot water to ‘soften it’ after use, and it’s ready to be ‘clicked’ again.  I can’t tell you how many people I suggest short term heat treatment for alleviating pain – and for whatever reason some need an alternative to a product that can be heated in the microwave.  Everyone who knows me knows I don’t like ‘gear’ or selling ‘stuff’ -  But I liked these so much that I’ve added them to my ‘Commonly Requested Items‘ section of my Amazon shop.